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Physical activity and exercise is not only good for a child’s behavior but it’s also good for their cognitive skills.  The summary below is from an article posted on the Psychology Today website and it talks about studies that were done linking physical activity (exercise) to cognitive abilities.  If interested, you can see the full […]

Martial arts are great for the body. Regular training strengthens and tones the muscles and adds flexibility. Training in martial arts gives you a full cardio work out. You can expect to greatly increase your strength and stamina and improve your hand eye coordination. Martial arts is a good weight loss program as well because […]

Due to the rising popularity of mixed martial arts, martial art schools are appearing everywhere claiming to offer the best M.M.A training around. Schools that once taught Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Karate, Sport Jiu-Jitsu and other traditional styles are now incorporating the term M.M.A in all their advertising, hoping to take advantage of the booming […]